Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Beauty Boxes in my Kitty - My January Vellvette Box

Its a given that Beauty Boxes are all the rage in markets across the world.And why not? They are an easy way to try out some global brands and exciting products at a pocket friendly price. India however seems to be falling behind where these packages of sheer temptation are concerned. The list of names that launched  or were about to launch is long ( Blisscovered , Lushbox, soooooooo many others and don't even get me started on Glossybox!) and yet these boxes remain more of a mirage.

These boxes all offer high end products in sample sizes at a nominal price every month and discounts are offerred if full size samples are purchased through them. The latest entrant on the scene is the Vellvette Box.

The Vellvette Box offers 3 sample from premium brands for a great price of IN399!
It comes well wrapped up in a bubble wrap packet and the cardboard box inside is embossed with a golden logo and wrapped with a sweet ribbon depending on the occasion if any (red for the Christmas box and so on).And they give me a number of discount coupons for the month too!!

So check out my samples for the month of January :

1. OPI Nail paint in Red Lights Ahead Where..... (3.75 ml)

A really bold red that is perfect for the diva in me!!

2. Clinique Clarifying Lotion - 2 

3. Nyassa Belgian Chocolate Sugar Scrub (40 gms)

So there is a reason why I am smiling at the end of the month no matter how aggravating my boss has been and how many deadlines are looming on the horizon....... and that is that my Vellvette Box is about to arrive.
What I love is that in the months when I'm swamped with work and have absolutely no passing acquaintance with anything beauty whatsoever, this little black box gives me a feel of having hauled at the best high-end stores and keeps me sane and happy!!

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