Sunday, 24 June 2012

Maybelline Lip Smooth Color and Care-Dolly Rose

Hey guys!
Sorry I have been MIA.I've sprained my right wrist and its really painful to type with it (never mind anything else :P ) Since I cannot do any makeup without my right hand (Oh The Horror!!) I thought I should atleast bang out some reviews that I have been meaning to do for a stay tuned for a series of reviews while I mend my wrist :)
Today I thought of reviewing my HG lip balm which has come into my possession very recently.I had some of those coupons that your company gives you for shopping every year and decided that my most needed item was a lip balm since Shimla (I'm at my parent's place) is really drying at the best of times.So I picked up the Maybelline Lip Smooth Color and Care in Dolly Rose.

What Maybelline says about it:

  • Hydrating Lip Balm for soft supple lips
  • Protects and comforts dry, chapped lips
  • Available in 5 scrumptious flavor variants
INR 110
Its a beautiful pink tube of almost clear lip balm thats only very slightly pink in color.It is deeply moisturizing and took care of really chapped lips in a couple of hours. It does have a mild scent of bubblegum which is kinda yumm but dissipates quickly.My tube has a different colored cap dunno why!

The Yays:
  • Deeply moisturizing
  • Not sticky (unlike the Neutrogena lip balms
  • Contains SPF 16
  • Very sheer in application 
  • Very lightly colored
  • Works well underneath a lipstick to fill the lines in the lips
  • Available everywhere
The Nays:
  • At INR 110 it might seem a little expensive (specially if you are like me and need a whole lot of lip balms), but its completely worth it.
  • The lip balm itself gets a little soft in the tube if its warm in the room and can be easily gouged or damaged (see how it still has the impression of the cap in the picture above)

Will I buy it again? Yes! This was my first Maybelline lip balm (yeah I can hear you gasp) but Im loving it.It has passed my Shimla test (most lip balms fail to keep my lips hydrated in the really dry climate) I will however try another flavour next though.Maybe Mandarin!

I give it : 4.8/5

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