Sunday, 17 March 2013

Why the Colorbar Ultimate Eyeliner is the Ultimate

For an Indian girl, a kajal is almost always the first item of cosmetics she buys.Whether for that all important 10th farewell, 1st day of college or the start of a new corporate career, kajal is where she heads.
My first (eyeliner :P) was the thick Streetwear one and while I still use it occasionally, I have moved on to other makes, brands, styles, and colors, which is why in the search I have finally found my HG liner ........................Presenting Colorbar Ultimate Eyeliner.

What the Company says:
Ultimate Eyeliner by Colorbar is a unique product which is perfect for defining your eyes in a lightning speed without any application difficulty. Its professional flexible brush offers great accuracy to line and define the eyes, ensuring an even application. Enables ease of use with the optimal control to give jet black color.

Available in great shades - the green and the blue are very wearable!

INR 499.00

This little pen has changed the way I look at eyeliners.One swipe and Im outta the door.It stays on and on throughout the day until I reach home and wash it off.

1.Great for beginners as the felt tip allows you scope to practice a steady line.
2. Dark Black
3. Line can vary from thin to thick as per preference
4. No touch ups or raccoon eyes
Felt tip makes lining the eyes super easy.Its not very stiff, not is it too bendy.You press harder for a thicker line.
4. Non-smudging
5. Travel Friendly
6. Special non slipping grip to avoid ooooopsies!
7. Does non irritate eyes with contacts (very big plus in my eyes!! excoooooze the pun!)

1. Not waterproof. I do not mind as I am not a fan of waterproof eye liners or mascaras.
2. It gets over pretty soon . If used everyday, it would last you only one month.Which is why the cost pinches you a bit,INr 499 for only 1 ml of the product is a little on the high side imho!

The picture below is taken after 11 hours of application and running around the office. Still no smudges on my upper eyelid.My Lower eyelid though is a different story entirely.The Lakme Eyeconic liner has smudged and run into lines. (Please excuse the cavewoman working on a tutorial and growing them out).


Definitely YAY!!Compared to previous pen type eye liners like Lakme Eye Artist and Bourjois Line Feutre this is a great buy. Colorbar has definitely done a great job. I am buying the Green one next. The black one is definitely re-purchase material again and again and again!!

Thursday, 7 March 2013


It’s never too early to start thinking about how to keep your skin smooth!

With summers just around the corner, its time to air out the sundresses and bring out the shorts (Delight the Barneys of the world eh?!) , time to flaunt the skin that you have carefully pampered through the winter months........but with the long days under the sun, the exposed skin quickly takes a harsh beating. As it gets warmer outside, our skin gets dehydrated and moody, it can be oily one day and parchment like the next.It needs special care to make sure it gets what it needs and keeps looking its best.

We can’t forget about our legs and arms as we change our beauty routines to gear up for the heat. This summer my legs are going to look great, and so can yours with these simple summer-skin upkeep tips.

Dab dont Drag. Pat yourself dry after the shower no matter how much of a hurry you are in.The humidity and the water makes your skin very sensitive and  dragging the towel across the vulnerable skin not only strips it of the oils but also damages it.

Moisturize! The summer air sucks the moisture out of your skin just as much as the winter skin does.  To keep up with the changing climate, you should moisturize your skin with a non sticky lotion at least once per day. Apply your moisturiser onto slightly damp skin, it gets absorbed better.

Use the Right Razor.  A dull razor leaves your skin irritated not to mention the hours it can take to get it done.  Change the blades or replace your disposable razor often during the summer. Opt for razors that contain a moisturizing strip above the blades to soothe the skin.
Shave Often.  It’s a misconception that shaving your legs too often causes the skin to dry out. Actually,if done correctly, shaving often provides much needed gentle exfoliation for your legs. Don’t forget to shave in the direction that your hair grows, going against the grain might give you freedom from having to shave too often but it can 
cause in-grown hair too.

Use a Mild Soap.  Harsh soaps can strip the skin of natural oils. Surprisingly, most antibacterial soaps are too harsh and change the pH of your skin until sebum balances it again , causing your skin more harm than good.  Choose a milder soap for the days you shave. Consider investing in an unscented or hypoallergenic soap.

Dont step outside without a covering of sorts! Indian summers are called so because of a reason and that is the strong sunshine.Do your skin a favour and keep it away from direct sunshine  and if you do venture out make sure to carry scarves, caps or umbrellas with you.Even newspapers can come in handy I tell ya! make sure to cover your eyes with dark sun glasses as the skin around the eyes is super delicate and gets damaged very easily! 

Control your intake of alcoholic beverages. I know Summer means parties but alcohol helps in drying out your system and as a result you are dehydrated.Opt for fresh juices and sparkling water instead!

Till next Time Stay Beautiful Girls!!

Saturday, 2 March 2013

Figs and Rouge Aloe Vera and Mint Balm

Is there anything better than soft lips? I think not! Which is why I simply loved my Feb Vellvette Box.It included a full size tub of the figs and rouge balm.This balm is an all purpose emulsion for use on lips, face, hands and the body. And its certified organic!! Which is excellent because there is no way that lip products cannot be ingested by the wearer!! So now at least you know that  whatever the case you are not eating chemicals in the name of staying beautiful.

My February Vellvette Box

My February Vellvette Box was such a pleasant surprise! Yes yes I know its a surprise in the usual sense also but this time it included not one but TWO full size samples! Awesome!!

My box contained:


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