Monday, 9 April 2012

Your HomeWork Before Going to Work

One thing I have always wanted to post about but constantly forget is the need to stay simple with your accessories at work, specially if you work in the corporate sector. The goal is to project the image of an efficient and a responsible person who gets the work done.
But that doesn't mean you can't be feminine right? There is a middle ground without going all Paris Hilton. Everyone usually talks about the kind of make-up one applies for office and it is an important part of one's image but there are several other factors that contribute to it also. I will be talking about these in detail today.
Quick Rule of Thumb: Everything is going to be simple, with spotlight on ONE item.
The watch: is your best friend.A watch can be so many things, trendy for those power suits, ethnic for the madhubani suits on Fridays, a little girly but casual for field days, its the quintessential crowning glory to your office look.
The Necklace: For an extra touch you can add a simple necklace but always remember to balance it against the neck of your top.If you feel your turtle neck or round neck top makes you shorter, add a long necklace or a chain with pendant.Both of them help in carrying the eye downwards thus giving a longer effect to your look.On the other hand a V neck shirt can be accessorised with a simple medium length chain that falls in an oval shape. 
Earrings: should be studs in diamonds, gold, pearls, CZ or even semi-precious stones matching your outfit.Select their shape at per the shape of your face: round faces should use oval or oblong stones and long faces should have round stones. Small tiered earrings are appropriate for casual days and can be matched with a simple Silver bracelet/kada. 
No bangles or chandelier earrings.Keeping jewellery to a minimum is also practical if you commute by public transport like I do plus it allows the others to concentrate on YOU rather than your outer trappings.Jangling and tinning sounds are NOT attractive in the worksphere!

Shoes: Your choice of shoes says a lot about you! I always check out the shoes of the man I'm interested in.Worn down shoes or messy shoe strings ( Running shoes with formal suits God Forbid!!) are a strict no-no.They indicate the slob-ish nature of the man. 

Similarly your heels must be of suitable length for work and sturdy enough to last all day even when you have to run between workstations. A lot of people while picking shoes overlook the possibility of having to walk in them while the truth is that in an 8 hour workday we walk an average of over a kilometer!

A shoe that is not sturdy and well made, merely pretty maybe doing more harm to your feet than you realize.Keep the shoes simple.Neutral colors like Black, grey, tan,beige are best while material like leather and suede suits all office occassions.

Pumps and mules are your best bet while slingbacks with closed toes can also be used with long trousers.No stilettos and skyscraper heels for the boardroom. Kitten heels and small wedges(not espadrilles) are great.The toes of your shoes are as important as the heels are. Court shoes are great but if your really want to go all out, keep an eye on the toes.Peep-toes are also an option, but ONLY if you take care of your toe nails, here however you are allowed to go wild with color and use pinks and reds.The shoes must be well-kept and polished with no scuff marks marring the surface.

The Handbag: is the be-all for the girl on the move.We keep papers, wallet, make-up bag, scarf, phone, an extra comb, the iPod....and the list goes on and on. Seriously, if we could find a way to fit our kitchen sink in there, it would travel with us!This is also the one place you are allowed to go all-out and pick colors, sizes, shapes you name it! Color co-ordinated or contrasted, this is one statement piece that you can really make your own! Who knew totes and messenger bags could be so fashionista!

A Handkerchief: in your bag will save you oodles of embarassment later.It not only performs its major function but also serves as a great make-up remover (remember those raccoon eyes on the day of that departmental meeting?) Otherwise I always prefer to keep 2 Q-tips in my bag and a bottle of Johnson & Johnson's baby oil. Trust me, there is no better make-up removing formula that also moisturises. A mascara may claim to be waterproof, tearproof and even hurricane proof but I have yet to see one in reality! That's when a Q-tip dabbed in J&J baby oil comes in handy.In fact, its so fantastic, my tattoo artist advised me to apply it for a week on my new tattoo whenever I could and boy was my skin happy despite the needle experience :c) hmmmm it might have something to do with my Italian hunk of an artist :D
Scarf:If you feel you have a very severe line in your formal suits etc, you can always add a nice scarf in a complimentary color to soften the look.I personally like the severe cuts of the trousers and blazer as they give an angular and leaner look to my plump figure, but I wear a scarf to add a feminine touch. But remember scarves and necklaces do not go together, wear either one.

Stockings: When wearing skirts and trousers, always always always wear socks to work, no matter how hot it is (I take mine to work and slip into them in the ladies room). Lack of socks indicates casual wear and a casual attitude. For girls there are umpteen options from silk hoses to pantyhose to stockings and a huge variety to choose from! Length, transparency, material, color everything your heart could desire!Just make sure the mesh size is small.Fishnets are reserved for the boudoir :P You know how guys go nuts over stockings? Guess what! They do that for the short versions too! So try them on that cutie in the next cubicle tomorrow and he won't be able to resist checking you out! ;)
Who says office wear has to be boring. a little care and you are ready to conquer the world!

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