Saturday, 2 March 2013

Figs and Rouge Aloe Vera and Mint Balm

Is there anything better than soft lips? I think not! Which is why I simply loved my Feb Vellvette Box.It included a full size tub of the figs and rouge balm.This balm is an all purpose emulsion for use on lips, face, hands and the body. And its certified organic!! Which is excellent because there is no way that lip products cannot be ingested by the wearer!! So now at least you know that  whatever the case you are not eating chemicals in the name of staying beautiful.

The back of the tub carries information regarding the ingredients which you can see in the photo below.They are all naturally sourced and its is free of petroleum and petroleum derivatives.It carries the stamp of Soil Association saying its organic.

Even a small tub of 17 ml like this one carries duration of safe use (12 months) and a bar code.I have been using it for the last 4 days and I love the immediate softening effect it has on my lips.I don't like to use it on my hands etc.because of hygiene reasons.

Colour - white with a hint of cream
Fragrance - a strong mint
Flavour - mint definitely comes through with a tingle on the tongue but otherwise no flavour
Consistency - a little granular (like ghee?!) that quickly melts on contact with warm skin

So here are the pros and cons in my view:

The Yays!
  1. Its organic!
  2. Multi purpose - great on chapped lips, heels, dry elbows and split cuticles
  3. Completely natural ingredients
  4. Gets absorbed into the skin quickly
  5. Aloe Vera is great on chapped lips and the mint has a nice fragrance
  6. Convenient to carry around - a tin tub will not bend out of shape in that bag!
  7. A single application lasts approximately 2 hours
  8. Non-sticky formula
  9. Will last for 6- 8 months easily
  10. The balm has no colour.
  11. Great to store other things like mints or even change once the balm is finished (I'd never throw such a pretty tin away I tell ya!)

The Nays!
  1. You have to dip your finger in the tub to take the balm and apply it ( but it tones down after a while)
  2. The mint fragrance is a little strong considering you apply it right under your nose :P
  3. The emulsion is an unstable one and quickly melts in the heat (yes even if the tin is kept in a bag kept in a drawer in an air conditioned office!!)
  4. Price - Rs. 695 for this full size tin comes a bit dear when good lip balms start at 99.

Anna tip: take a stirrer from your regular coffee shop that has a tiny spoon at the end of it and cut it to fingerlength then use it to scoop the balm from the tin instead of using Q-tips (so much wastage!)

Last word: would I buy it ?? hmmmm maybe not unless it became a little more pocket-friendly!
Choose it or Chuck it?? Chuck it! 

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