Friday, 10 February 2012


Today I was standing at the bus stand waiting for the bus to come when I saw this girl come and stand beside me.What immediately struck was her good figure and extremely unkempt appearance.
Now you may be wondering how can the two go together but trust me when I say that a lot of women still find it difficult to visit a salon for any number of reasons.Indeed some have never even seen the inside of one!
Be it lack of time for self, extreeeeeemely hectic professional career, unfamiliarity with beauty regimens or just plain laziness, some ladies seem to prefer to keep their moustaches and unibrows!

But sometimes this may also be a hesitancy on their part due to an inhibitive atmosphere at home.Some parents do not want/like their teenage daughters experimenting with make-up etc. and this pressure to stay au naturale stays with them till they are well into their womanhood.Whatever the reason, ALL women, while gifted with some great things like blemish-free skin and perfect bow-shaped mouth, have their unatttractive bits too just like anyone else.Don't believe me? check out celebs without make up on and you just might wake up screaming that night! He He!

Anyway back to the lady I saw this morning (her name is Rufi by the way) was also one such soul. Now you know me, Im such a do-gooder (LIAR! I just love flaunting my make-up knowhow :P) I got her talking by way of asking time. During conversation I mentioned my salon appointment and how great my face felt after a good spa treatment. She showed interest and before we knew it, she had been asking me about various tricks for over 40 min (don't ask me what excuse I gave my boss for being late :P)

She told me her parents were old-school and disdained the use of make-up so she never experimented and soon lost the desire to primp at all. Boys wouldn't give her a second glance and so she never felt the need to make the effort. But has no one ever thought of the need for primping for their own sakes? Making yourself beautiful is not only for others but also enhances your own sense of worth and makes you feel more confident in yourself. There is nothing wrong with doing makes you feel good (as long as your not a sociopath bent on breaking Ted Bundy's record).This is just like wearing sexy lingerie underneath your office garbs which no one sees but make you feel sexy all day long.

So we parted after I assured her that I would take her to visit my hair stylist this weekend and get her some basic make-up items to try out! Yep you guessed it - More make-up reviews coming your way!! A shopping trip and a make-over!! This is gonna be a weekend to remember!

Have YOU ever seen somebody whose just crying out for a make-over and your can barely stop yourself from approaching them for it?your hands itching to pick up a brush and get started? Tell us here!

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