Saturday, 4 February 2012

Soulflower's Soaps- excited!

I had seen Soulflower goodies in a few department stores a while back but as hand-milled soaps were not in my budget then and oils and bath-salts were luxuries, I decided to skip the counter entirely.Now, on the recommendation of a friend, I have ordered a couple of these exclusive bars online from their site

I'm finding it really hard to wait and hope to receive them soon.

I have to say, even before receiving them, my experience has been really good and in my book, shopping is not just the actual receiving of the goods but also the whole experience of selecting and ordering and specially payment.
They have really good descriptions of each item on their site and make it sound so appealing so as to make you almost want to eat it (they are all based on fruits and vegetables exclusively)!! The website is nice,interactive and user friendly. What I loved best was that extra space for special instructions during checkout.I asked them not to send the bill so that it could be viewed by the person receiving it as I will be out during the day.They not only accepted that but also called to confirm the instructions.Now THAT is truly customer friendly!!

Wait for a few weeks and I will do a review for you guys!! till then stay happy and beautiful! <3

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