Sunday, 26 February 2012

Soap for the Soul! - Review

Hey chicas, 
I know I promised you a review of some soaps by Soulflower but I just got so busy with work.Anyway, here we are!
Now you know I ordered these off their website after getting a good report from a friend. As I have already mentioned, the purchase was easy and the delivery was fast.I bought two soaps.Pink For Skin and Rosemary Lavender Shampoo bar.

Here I will be reviewing the pink one.....

What Soulflower says:
Would’nt you like to start your day with a bowl of fresh cream strawberries & oatmeal? One whiff of our fresh strawberry pink for skin will make you jump of bed & into the shower This breakfast for your skin does a miraculous job on pimples, oats scrub all the grime away gently removing excess sebum oils. 
Cream & cocoa give a thick, creamy lather to this soap. This soap will surely leave you with baby soft rosy skin

Contains : Fresh strawberries, pink clay, fresh cream, cocoa butter, Vitamin E, glycerin, aqua, olive, rice bran, castor, coconut & palm oil. 
I have been using the pink one for about a month now and I have to say its extremely drool-worthy. Its a big bar of gentle soap that smells of stawberries and clay, its two main ingredients. it also has fresh cream and coconut oil to provide moisturizing properties. 
While I cant speak for the rosy glow imparted or not, the soap has been good for my skin and do enjoy the strawberry scent which is usually overpowering in most products but has been muted in the soap by the scent of clay.The oat granules are large but not abrasive. Plus, it helps me scrub in the shower without wasting precious time in the morning!

  • All natural/organic/vegan soaps
  • Genuine ingredients
  • Pleasant scent - strawberries + earth after rains
  • Hydrates and nourishes the body
  • Oat granules for quick exfoliation. I always joke with my brother that the soap has pimples so it can remove your pimples (He He)

  • Large bar - difficult to maneuver in the shower
  • Expensive - Rs. 200

All in all I like the soap, but I might not buy it again only because of its price.

I give it a: 4/5


  1. Sounds good. :) ike a cheaper alternative to Lush. ;)

  2. He he Nisha. You and i online all day sunday :P
    This soap is defo an alternative to the super expensive Lush.between you and me, it smells a little better than some of their soaps too!

  3. @Beauty Never Dates - I havn't used that one yet.I wanted to try one soap for a month and then give a review.using both soaps would just mix up the effects :P
    BTW: rosemary lavender is a body and hair soap.



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