Thursday, 7 June 2012

The Importance of Hygiene in a Make-up Junkie's Life

Hey everyone I have a breakout on my cheek :(
Which got me thinking that I do wanna talk to you about an important issue!Today lets talk about something all makeup junkies face and yet do not give much time to.Good hygiene is key to maintaining a clear face and that is half the battle won.We know it, we understand it, but we don't adopt it! Did you know that every time we use a makeup brush we are leaving millions of skin cells on it, which are then preyed on by millions of bacteria and then we use it over our face again! Feel yucky yet??
Just like a restaurant can be judged from its clean kitchen, you can tell a retailer from the way the goods are arranged.All big makeup retailers like Sephora and Ulta look for waitressing experience while hiring.Reason: maintaining hygienic conditions and general upkeep is common to both jobs.
We feel we don't want to try on testers in stores (specially for lip products) but we forget that our make up brushes are lying unwashed at home.Unwashed brushes cause acne, breakouts, skin irritations, hives and a whole lot of other problems.

Your make up brushes are a very important part of the whole experience, good care of them not only rewards you with a great look but also long life and value extraction.
Take a couple of these tips and find your way to a clearer face:
  1. Invest in good quality brushes: This is not to say you need to rush out right now and splurge on MAC.There are some great brushes out there at half the price.Real Techniques, Faces, Bourjois, Lilyth, Sigma are all great companies with great brushes.Im sure there are some local companies that have good quality brushes in your country.I have heard my Middle-Eastern friends raving about Mikyajy.Even our own Vega can be horrible with some brushes and great with others.
  2. Clean your brushes well: Just mix a little bit of olive oil and baby shampoo and use the mixture to wash your brushes.Rinse with clean water and place FLAT on a clean paper towel to dry. DO NOT STAND THEM VERTICALLY UPRIGHT.This allows the water to drip into the ferrule and loosen the glue holding the brush together resulting in hair shedding and the metal ferrule may just pop out the next time u use it.
  3. Clean your brushes as per use: If you use one kind of a brush more than others, it needs to be washed more frequently.For eg. I use my Foundation, Stippling and Blush brush everyday but my lipstick brush is hardly ever used.Therefore, logically I should wash them once or even twice a week.Along the same logic, your brushes for liquid, creme and gel products need to be washed more often than dry applicators like powder blushes and bronzers.
All this makes sense right? We spend so much money and effort to keep our faces blemish-free and keep zits/ breakouts away, lets try this one option and see how our efforts make a difference!

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