Saturday, 2 June 2012

Papaya for Summer - Revlon Style!

Hey my beauties!Today's gloss in my review series is  the Revlon Colorburst lip gloss #20 in Papaya, a coral/ orange shade with some shimmer. Doesn't it remind you of the succulent flesh of a perfectly ripe papaya?Just like its namesake, this lipgloss is also perfect for the summers.To know why, read on....

Price: INR 500          Volume: 5.9 ml
Packaging: It comes in a cardboard tubing to protect the actual tube from scratches.The lipgloss tube itself is made of sturdy clear plastic in a square-ish shape with rounded corners.The cap is black plastic in matte finish and quilted design of the Colorburst product line with Revlon in gold on it.

Applicator:  its a cylindrical bit of foam at the end of a long white wand.This long wand makes it difficult to control and the application in streaky.

Color: Its a very different color in the entire release, the rest are mostly shimmer shades in peach, plum and pinks.This however comes across as an almost matte shade due to its micro shimmer particles.As you can see, although there is some fine shimmer, it's difficult to see when applied because its tiiiiiiiiiiny and of the same color, and really just adds dimension rather than adding obvious shimmer.The color intensity is perfect when you apply it but fades in a few minutes.I think that it my only problem with this shade.
See how the color has muted and become almost like lipbalm in the second picture ------------------------------------------->

Texture: I like this formula because I don't find it too sticky or slippery (Hello MAC?!)

Moisturising Properties: very little hydrating effect on the lips.

Staying Power: around 1.5-2 hours with no eating.

Other Pros: It does fill out the lines of the lips, making them appear smooth and luscious.The fine shimmer helps in giving a plumper look to the lips.It is a good color to use over your tangerine and coral lipsticks to add a bit of dimension.

Portable: one can carry it easily, even though its larger than your average gloss tubes.But I hate it getting scratched which happens way too easily, specially in my purse!!

Why is it out of stock on almost all Revlon counters?:

  1. Its a really different shade and one that suits everybody and anybody.
  2. The micro-shimmers are so tiny as compared to large and obvious.
  3. Its a great alternative for those who hate wearing lipsticks in the summer heat, like me.
  4. A very natural shade, and doesnt make you feel too made up :)
  5. Lip gloss junkies :D

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