Friday, 8 June 2012

NOTD - Pathera onca on my nails

Hey everyone!
This is what we are looking at in this week, and I will be submitting it for next weeks entry in the "We Love Nails" group :) Enjoy!
I know all my nails are different length but I bloke some and some just split while packing books etc. in preparation to move (temporarily).So you are gonna see a short index fingernail below.I received my bottle of Essie nail paint - Matte About You which surprise of all surprises was found on Urban Touch!! So after the bottle was opened it was only right that I show you guys what it does right?
So you can see that my thumbnail and ring finger nail has been turned matte while the other nails are still sporting a creme finish.In my opinion though you need to apply 2 coats of the creme nailpaint before you do the matte coat.

Moving on, on my all 5 mattified nails, I used the same black creme paint (Maybelline Colorama  in Intenso Black) to make the jaguar like markings (tutorial done here).This gave me:

Lemme know how you like it :)

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