Saturday, 24 March 2012

Blisscovered March Box and a not so happy me!

I received my Blisscovered Box for March yesterday and was so excited to see what they had sent me for this month.After a really bad day and worse commute, I reached home to see the white courier box lying on my table and jumped for joy. Drumroll please..............

 Da dun....da dun (cue music)
dun dun dun.........(faster) TA DAAAAA

Face -  :( 
Brain - Whaaaaaaaat? No make up?? 
So here is the breakdown of my march box: 

Calvin Klein CK One Shock  perfume  (for her)
50 ml
INR 2,025
1.2 ml
INR 48.60
Chambor Lip and eye makeup remover
120 ml
INR  850
30 ml
INR  212.50
Forest Essentials Facial   Cleanser Kashmiri   Saffron  and  Neem
200 ml
INR 875
50 ml
INR  218.75
Lancome Genifique  Youth Activating Serum
30 ml
INR  4298.28
5 ml
INR 716.38
H2O Sea Salt hydrating Body Butter
60 ml
INR  358.20

30 ml
INR 179.09

Total value of my Box = INR  1,375.32
What I love: 

  • The total value is way beyond what I paid for it.
  • The easy tracking of the package through aramex
  • Their mail to confirm the shipping address and another one to confirm shipping
  • No personalization
  • Their representatives are nice to talk to and really helpful.One rep even picked up my phone  on a holiday (I didn't realize 23rd March was a holiday in Mumbai :P)
What I did not like:
  • No make-up samples
  • The samples are teeny-tiny. I mean what can you judge from a measely 5 ml??
  • Need more brands in their kitty to allow wider selection of products.
My take: For some reason they decided that I needed skin products so I have been sent all samples from that category. I like the body butter and the make up remover and I have heard good things about them but the Genifique YAS !! jeez im only 26!

Looks like this box was pre-packaged and my profile was not really considered before selecting my products.The only "personalised" touch was my name in the card accompanying the box.Again there was NO description of the products, just a code in case I want to buy any of these products in full size. Uh excuse me...Im not buying  after trying only 5 ml of anything. All my reviews, and usage is based on atleast 30 ml of product (2 weeks of regular use).
Gonna try this for 2 more months maybe and decide.Hopefully they will add new products.


  1. That's what i am also wondering now .. They have been seen sending samples from chambor & H2O to everyone and mostly eyepencils !! What when they are done sending eyepencils?? would they repeat? Lets pray together that they add more brands :D

  2. Amen girl! we want, no .....we Need more brands otherwise there is no point to this :P

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