Friday, 30 March 2012

Ignorance really is Bliss!

I wanted to post this article over the weekend when the readership is higher. Reason? It affects all of us.
As beauty enthusiasts and budding fashion experts we spend not only money, but also time and  effort combing the market for goods and solutions to beauty problems, conducting research (most often on our own skin) and posting the findings so everyone can benefit from them.
But is it being reciprocated? I am talking of the big brands that love to approach us and offer benefits in the form of patronage and fame.I recently read an article quoting the harmful metals found in beauty products like eyeshadows, foundations and most importantly lipstick which is ingested directly into our systems. This was further supported by data FDA which found Lead in over 400 brands of lipstick.
The findings of the article state clearly that harmful substances like Lead, Mercury,Cadmium, Beryllium, Thallium, Selenium and even ARSENIC have been found in samples like Lipgloss, mascara, foundation, blush and eye liner.Lead was found in over 96% of the products tested!! YUCK!

These extremely dangerous substances have been found in products from brands like L' Oreal, Maybelline, Benefit, MAC and even NARS.Yes your eyes are not deceiving you.
The report notes that the highest levels of arsenic, cadmium, and lead overall were found in lip gloss, which can be ingested orally. 

And we use these items as par for the course (please excuse me while I go and cry after typing this) :((

What was even more shocking was that NONE of these heavy elements were listed in the ingredients list on the labels.We are not told of these heavy metal components as companies are not following the "full disclosure" clause.Some of us are pregnant, and most are in the child-bearing stage. Lead poisoning causes a wide range of problems from low IQ and slowed growth in children to memory loss, mood disorders, and miscarriage in adults.This affects us all in a very significant way.

Of the items tested, Benefit Benetint lip gloss contained the highest level of lead at 110 parts per millions, which is more than 10 times higher than the limit allowed.
They have not only mentioned the brands but also the specific products tested.
Out of the tested 49 samples the following had the highest concentrations of these substances:
  1. Clinique Stay True Makeup foundation (Stay Ivory) — arsenic, cadmium, beryllium, lead, nickel, thallium
  2. Sephora Sculpting Powder Trio eye shadow (Brown and Pink) — beryllium, lead, nickel, thallium
  3. MAC Sheerton Shimmer Blush (Springsheen) — beryllium, lead, nickel, thallium
  4. L'Oreal Bare Naturale mascara (Black/Brown) — arsenic, beryllium, cadmium, lead, nickel, thallium
  5. Cover Girl Perfect Point Plus eyeliner (Black Onyx) — beryllium, cadmium, lead, nickel
  6. Almay Intense i-color Trio eye color (Trio for Blues, Brown and Dark Grey) — beryllium, cadmium, lead, nickel, selenium
  7. Benefit Benetint Pocket Pal (Red Tint and Clear Gloss) — arsenic, beryllium, cadmium, lead, nickel, selenium, thallium
For a detailed list of the most polluted (couldn't think of a off-putting word) lipsticks as well the safest please click HERE 
After some research :-B I found one American NGO that tests products affecting health and beauty and also assigns ratings on a safety chart for everyone to see. Click HERE to visit it.
I love my make-up as much as the next girl (maybe a lil more :P) but I would rather have a smaller collection of lipsticks than sacrifice how my lips look naturally.

Whats your take on it?? 

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