Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Surajkund Fair - Mini Haul

Hey everyone!

Today I wanted to do a slightly different post, a little about accessories than make-up.A month back I went to the annual craft fair called Surajkund.Its a vibrant fair with lots to see, indeed it cannot be covered in 2 even 3 days!
Check out my post on it HERE.

When it comes to handicrafts, I always love not only shopping but also chatting up the craftsman! Getting to know them and their work adds a little history to my visit whether I buy goodies or not. Plus its good for increasing knowledge base (Yeah my inner geek shines through :P)

Anyway I ended up buying a few items, not handicrafts precisely but I loved em!

Here is a close up:

Two bracelets that are versatile and simple, and a highly worked reticule for a super traditional look. The bag I bought with a particular saree in mind that I had already purchased earlier but haven't had a chance to wear yet.
Here is the bag with the saree I intend to wear it with:

So what do you think?? Good match?
Do you like shopping from craft fairs? Flea markets and Bazaars?

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