Monday, 2 April 2012

Blush Your Way Beautiful

Hello Ladies! Today, it’s all about Blush. 
I recently started using a blush and it has quickly turned into one my favorite products to use!
But I also know that sometimes just the mention of the word blush makes some women shudder and step back like it’s kryptonite.
I guess its something to do with all the well-meant advice a.k.a warning about going OTT with a blush and looking like a kabuki doll but they forget that its also a super blendable product that really enhances ALL the features of the face by subtly accentuating the placement of each feature,thereby giving it importance and bringing the whole look together.
See how the blush makes a simple eyeliner, brown eyeshadow and a nude lipstick become glamorous?It takes Kerry Wasgington's great cheekbones and turns them into killer cheekbones bringing a dramatic contoured 3-D effect to the whole look.And check out how well the orange tint of the blush compliments her lips! Thats because the colored skin can take brighter shades better than pale/ milky white skin which ends up looking bruised or unreal! And you didn't even notice her flyaway hair :P
Read my lips—ok my font—you will not look like a clown! Blush is your friend—it warms the skin, makes you look more alert and helps bring out your cheekbones which can also help slim the face.
Quick blush rule of thumb: the darker the skin, the brighter the blush. Now ladies, don’t get nervous, the pigments in your skin can take a brighter blush and it will look absolutely gorgeous on your skin.
Blush is said to be the one makeup product that women tend to avoid the most especially women of color. Whether it is due to the fact that we feel there is no need to put more color on colored skin or simply because we feel it really does nothing for us, its the one step almost all women tend to skip while getting ready.We often see a face with great makeup and still say to ourselves "hmmm she could have looked even better...I don't know something’s missing!"
So Ladies, no matter how you see it, blush is must!
So how do you figure out which blush to use? Here are a few simple steps to get you started:
 1. Just like in picking the right foundation for you, in addition to picking the right color for blush, you must also choose the right formula. 
a.    Dry Skin: Creme blushes tend to be more hydrating flattering and last longer.They also tend to hide the dry flaky skin in case you don't get time to exfoliate that dat.
b. Oily/Combination Skin: Powder blushes work best as any other consistency can tend to slide off on oily skin. They are buildable and allow easy touch-ups because the oily skin tends to need them more often than other skin types.
c. Normal Skin: jeez! What do I say.....I mean write about you guys! you really lucked out in the lottery.For you, almost any blush formula works including liquid, gel formulas and mousse.
2. As far as finishes are concerned, several factors need to be considered such as the place you want to use it( matte is great for work while shimmer suits the party scene).
Shimmer is good for a youthful glow however; matte is more forgiving on all skin types. Care needs to be taken when using shimmer as it can make the not-so-tiny pores seem larger than they appear. I found that a good alternative is the pearl / satin finish which gives me a glow without putting my crater sized pores out there for all the world to see.
3. After choosing the right formula, lets find the right color. The most flattering shade of blush will be the color your cheeks turn after a workout or the color they turn when you pinch your cheeks.
Here is a handy guide for colors based on skin tones.Pick a celeb from the list below whose skin tone closely matches yours and try the shades suggested.
How to:
For those who are seriously afraid of going overboard you can apply blush either before you put on foundation (gives a more natural look), or after foundation but before powder or even after foundation and powder.It is up to you and your routine. To get the longest lasting blush, apply finishing powder on cheeks first, then blush, and then another thin layer of powder. For maximum color payoff (and to help blush last longer), first apply a creme blush and then a powder blush in the same color on top.
Its better to use a brush with powdered blushes while fingers work better for creme, gel and mousse forms.
Here is a diagram of the application of blush as per your face shape by MUFE:
Applying blush first before eye and lip color can help you decide what and how much color in your  eye and lip makeup you need. Sometimes you can get away with just wearing blush!

So there you have it, a quick guide to blushing your way into 3-D fabulousness! No longer should you be afraid of blush. Make it an essential step in your makeup routine and take your glamour everywhere!

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