Wednesday, 16 May 2012

How Mobile Internet Changed My Life

I read about this contest just 2 days before it ends, for some reason, its notifier went to my spam folder! Yep those pesky Internet Pixies are it again! 
But despite the mixups and the delays the internet has truly revolutionised the way the world connects.

Flashback to 2007: a simple girl, about to graduate from college knows her friends will seperate to find their own destinies but worries that its going to be hard to keep in touch.
Enter: socialising websites Orkut and Facebook, Life is easy and her friends are just a click away.
2010:The girl is a successful professional woman and her network of friends has never let her down.She worries how she will stay in touch with all the business travelling she does.
Enter: Vodafone BIS and Blackberry 9000 and and life is better.She knows instantly when her friends ping her, and she has been with them through boyfriends, breakups, marriages and kids.Her life is full.
Present day: She starts blogging, sharing an interest for beauty with the people around the world.Her internet services allow her to build a growing website all on her moble phone.

That girl is none other than yours truly.My story is no different from so many others.Internet on the phone has changed the way I see the world,turning it into a village where friendships are just waiting to happen!
On my blackberry, I have organised a friend's wedding in USA all through the blackberry messenger and caught up with kindergarten friends.When I joined my last office,it took them a month to supply my laptop, in the meanwhile I had to read up tons of industry reports at work and the only way I could do that was on my blackberry.Jeez the amount of PDFs I have gone through squinting would fill the US Library of Congress!
Twitter keeps me updated on the latest and provides instant humour on grim days.Google Maps has been a loyal friend in all my journeys to places far and new.I can concentrate on having fun and not wonder how I will get back.Wikipedia's new app allows me instant gratification in all things scholarly.And then there's Baba Google Dev, who unlike any other Baba really is omnipresent and omniscient! Jai Ho!!

Yes, we get only one life, and this little box of techno-goodness loaded with internet has made my life fuller and more wonderful in every way!

If you feel like I do that mobile internet has impacted your life, then please like their vodafone page

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