Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Blanc to Noir- Website Review and Haul

I got my package from Blanc to Noir yesterday! It was waiting for me when I reached home and as usual I ripped into it!Boy was I excited!
This website was mentioned by Ansh of Vanity No Apologies in her haul post and there were 2 things that caught my attention: It ships Sigma and the shipping is low! So I decided to order a few things and see how it works that very night!
Right now the website offers 3 brands: NYX, Sigma and Facefront, but it is rapidly including other brands also. It offers a large discount on almost all items, here are the discounts I got:

It is super easy to use, and really customer friendly, there is even a currency converter on the left hand side for easy calculations! That is the first time I have seen it anywhere. Plus, they really keep a large range of the brands they provide. I wanted NYX items as most of their stuff available in India is pretty similar across all shopping sites and B2N had a lot more variety. They hold sales often and though my shipping was 9$ it is still lower than what I would have to pay otherwise. It only took 10 days between placing my order and receiving the package! I’d call that fast specially since it’s shipped from the US East Coast.
The items arrived in a cardboard box, filled with styrofoam wormies and wrapped in bubble-wrap to avoid casualties.

Overall, It was a great site to use and I will keep ordering from it because it keeps a lot of NYX stuff not available in India. 

So what did I order? Check out the pics below:

NYX Creme Rouge in Orange and Tickled (I can already tell Orange is going to be my go-to blush.Its gorgeous!)
NYX Tinted Lip Spa in Juicy
NYX Mood Lipgloss in Affectionate (there are 2 other variants)

So what do you want me to swatch/review first?

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