Saturday, 26 May 2012

A New Flakie by Incolor - Golden #04

A few weeks ago feeling bored, I decided to walk over to Sarojini Nagar and haunt the shops.I can spend hours in that tiny market place! There is a shop that is quickly becoming my favorite when it comes to drugstore makeup items, mainly because all other stores and malls are far away!This time I discovered a display case full of a new brand in nail paints or atleast I hadn't seen it ever (but then I was a nail paint virgin more or less till a few weeks ago) Incolor had several colors I hadn't seen before but what really got me was the flakies in the bunch and I found 2 that I just could not resist.This is the first of them.
Name: Incolor Chrome Nail Paint #04
Volume: 10 ml.
Price: INR 150

This is tiny golden glitter suspended in a clear base with larger hexagonal golden flakes. I decided to layer it over my Yellow Colorama in Amarelo Sol.

What I like:
You don't have to search for the glitter or flakes
Its a simple way of glamming up the nails
4 days and No chipping!!
The flakes are perfect sized not too big not too small
Even short nails can rock this look.
What I don't like:
Nothing! I love everything about it!

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