Tuesday, 15 May 2012

NOTD - Cheetah Mani for an edgy feel

Hey Sweets!
I have a couple of days off from work, and since I wasn't able to do a nail tutorial the last weekend, I thought I would do it with you guys today! Its a super easy one but the amount of attention it gets......Whew!! You are gonna be loving your tips this week if you rock this manicure! Its a fierce look perfect for this summer!

Now let me tell about my inspiration for this nail art, or better yet let me show it to you. Tadaaaaaa.......

This top was a gift from my aunt and I don't wear it often only if I'm in the mood for some serious partying, but it does fetch me some great compliments, anyway this just came back from the dry cleaners today and it hit me that I can totally base a new art on this! So collect a few things and get set for a new mani! You will need:

  • Nail paints in Black and Golden
  • A dotting tool or toothpick 
  • Yep Thats it! No more requirements!
Step 1:Flatten your toothpick by snipping off the point or breaking it.

Step 2: Place a small quantity of your nail paints in a plastic plate or paper plate (I used my paints palette).You can use the golden one first then pour the black one to avoid it drying while you paint with the golden nail paint.

Step 3:Use the blunt end to place irregular dots on your nails.You can cover the entire nail or just the extending from the finger like I did.Your choice :) Do it till all the 5 nails have been done the way shown below.

Step 4: Now take the black nail paint on the sharp end of the toothpick and start creating bracket like lines around each golden dot.Don't worry about being too precise.Cover all 5 nails in the same manner, add a top coat if you wish to do so.

Step 5: Rock your mani!Rawwrrrrr!

Why I love this look: 
  1. Its fun and raw
  2. Uses basic nail paint shades - no extra buying required
  3. It allows my nails to breath
  4. Takes literally 5 min :!!
  5. Gets a lot of attention! :D
  6. Goes perfectly with my top :)

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