Saturday, 28 April 2012

My Rasta Mani - Trial and Tutorial

Okay so you guys know my extreme inexperience when it comes to  nail art, mainly because I like my nails just as they are thank you very much! plus office kind of makes it difficult, but I have decided to do my nails every weekend! Last couple of weeks I have seen my eye wander to the nail art posts and nail paint displays in stores so I decided to try something. Rastafarian is a movement from Jamaica and one of my Jamaican friend is seriously into the lifestyle and this was inspired by him :) So lets get started!

What do you need: 
  • nailpaints in red, yellow, green and black.
  • Top coat if you wish.
  • Scotch tape
  • Scissors

Step 1:
Paint your nails green on the top, and red on the bottom, with roughly equally wide stripes and leave an are of same width between them.(Don't worry about being tooooo neat, it will be taken care of later) 
Step 2:

Paint the yellow stripe and do atleast 2 coats for each colour to make it opaque.We need the colors to be bright!
Step 3, 4, 5:
Cut the scotch tape into strips (as wide as you like) and place them on the DRY nails.Here you can do any shape you like, I did a random cross :) BE CAREFUL TO PRESS DOWN ON THE SCOTCH TAPE HARD AND LEAVE NO SPACES.
Step 6: 

Slap on some black paint like its your new best friend! Do a double coat if you like. Now go do your thing.Watch TV, vegetate, dance the cha cha and wait for the black paint to dry :!!
Step 7:
Pull off the scotch tape in one quick pull (like pulling off a band-aid but without the pain and a lot more excitement :D) Be sure that the nail paint has dried before you pull it off, I was impatient (yeah nothing new for me) and messed up my pinky finger  :/  Finish with a top coat if you want!
Admire your new Rasta mani :) 

To read more on the Rastafari movement go here : Rastafari

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