Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Fab India Rose Geranium Face and Body Gel Scrub

I bought this scrub in February during a random haul (read post here) when I was looking for some skin treatments during the iffy weather. I have been using it regularly for a while and it has lived up to its name. It gently scrubs while providing a layer of hydration at the same time.
Though the instructions say to apply it onto wet skin and scrub, I love to leave it on my face for 5 min before I start scrubbing because it imparts such a cooling and hydrating sensation to my skin. Almost like my skin that was tired after the long office day is waking up and saying “good morning!”
It’s a great scrub for the rough areas of the body like elbows and knees which tend to get  rough but have delicate skin. It contains rose petals (and you can actually see them!) for a cooling effect and geranium oil that is said to detoxify the skin. It also has a smoothening effect on irritated skin maybe because of the cooling by rose petals, I don’t really know. Of course if my skin is irritated then I don’t scrub, just dab on some of the gel.
  1. Perfect for all skin types
  2. Fine granules for scrubbing
  3. The aroma of rose and geranium- heavenly!
  4. Gel form allows greater hydration
  5. Contains: Aloe Vera extract, Glycerin, Vitamin E acetate, Geranium Oil
  6. Price: INR 225 for 100 ml
  1. Tub – you have to dip your fingers in or scoop out a little bit into a bowl before getting into the shower.
  2. Not travel friendly
My take: This scrub is perfect for all skins.Its not creamy so people with oily skins can safely use it without breaking out and dry skinned people can use it without drying out as it does provide some moisture.
The scrub is a really good one, especially since I find the granules are perfect in size. They are not as huge as in the walnut scrubs (Everyuth etc.) which can damage your skin nor as small as the Olay ….. I could not even feel the micro particles in Olay and there were far too few of them anyway! So this in my opinion is a great scrub!

Buy again? I might see if there are other scents in this line, otherwise I will buy it again.

I give it: 3.8/5 

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