Tuesday, 24 April 2012

New Package From Cosme De Com and Website Review

You know how I love ordering online but the shipping and handling charges are always so high you feel its not worth it.You might be buying goods worth 15 dollars and pay 13 dollars for shipping Jeez!
So I went to Baba Google Dev and asked for  a couple of free International shipping sites and this was one of them. Presenting Cosme-De.com ......................
  • Great website - well designed
  • Carries brands like Anna Sui, Guerlain, Bobby Brown,Laura Mercier, NARS, NYX,Skin Food, Skin79 (ttheir BB Cream is supposed to be the best) and Benefit
  • Super fast delivery -I placed my order on 18th morning and it reached me today!
  • They mail you at the stage of order completion and dispatch
  • A lot of good East Asian brands like skin food and the face shop are also included
  • The goods are really packed well - with bubble wrap and then sealed airbags
  • Each good is separately tagged with a scan-code
  • Good offers of discount etc.
  • Minimum number of items required to complete order (but you can mix the items)
  • Limited goods from the brands.

So this is what I got: 2 sets of travel brushes from Lilyth and 1 heated eye lash curler from Betty Boop.Aint it cute!! The brushes are sooooooo soft! The biggest one is the closest I have found to The Body Shop Mineral Powder Kabuki!

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