Thursday, 12 April 2012

Friday Review - L’ Occitane En Provence Petal Soft Hand Cream

I hate it when my hands get that dry stretched out feel after I wash my hands, and I wash them a lot. This constant washing was turning my hands into rough rags that even I didn’t want to touch. Enter L’ Occitane En Provence Petal Soft Hand Cream and Voila! My problem is cured!

This little tube of happiness has won its way into all my bags and drawers. There even tubes of it in my office drawer and by the kitchen sink at home! A light emulsion in white color, it has a fragrance of cherry blossoms which is strong in the beginning and then fades slowly but lasts throughout the day. The cream sinks into your skin and you can feel the hydrating effect if your hands were dry and needed the moisture. Its non-greasy and perfect for summers.

  1. Hydrating
  2. Pleasant fragrance
  3. Non-greasy
  4. Spill-proof tube
  5. Travel friendly tube
  1. Expensive - INR 995 for 75 ml.
  2. Not available everywhere (But the brand has started retailing online here so one can get it delivered)
It comes in a super cute tube that’s pale yellow with cherry blossoms on it and the best part about it is that its spill free. After twisting the cap, you give it a slight twist again and u get a snicking sound that means its spill-proof. I love it because I travel so much and I’m always afraid of stuff spilling in my bag. Now I never have to worry. It delivers on every level and I even use it on my face if I wash it at work sometimes!
My take:
This was a gift from a friend (who also sent some bath pebbles from the same line which I will review once I use them) so I wont be rating it, I would only give it full marks anyway! :D This cream is everything it claims to be.
Buy again? You bet your socks I will!

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