Wednesday, 18 April 2012

My Take- Inglot Freedom System Lipstick #62

Okay, I have a confession to make, ever since I bought these round lil pots I have been using them Everywhere! Office and market yes, but also to visit neighbors and even on my power walk!They are that awesome!I bought 3 shades and I will be reviewing #62 for you today.

This is a peachy shade with strong hints of pink. An everyday shade if you would like a break from pink or tangerine thats in vogue this year.It applies really smoothly like all the Inglot lipsticks and even covers most of my pigmented upper lip.Stays for a good 4 hours without eating and fades leaving behind a slight tint.It does not settle into lines and even acts as a filler to reduce the ones you have in your lips, giving them a smoother look.

  • Fabulous color payoff
  • Suits all skintones
  • Smooth application
  • Slightly glossy but no shimmer
  • Does not settle into lines
  • Smoothens the lip lines
  • Hides pigmentation
  • Stays 4-5 hours without eating
  • Inexpensive - INR 250 for 1.2 g
  • Travel friendly (apply with Q-tip)
  • Value for money- a little amount is enough each time so pan will last for a long time
  • Requires application with a brush/Q-tip
  • Not being used to pan lipsticks, one can push the brush too deep into the soft lipstick
  • Inglot stores are not available everywhere and swatches for online purchase are not accurate
  • No names, just numbers.
    This lipstick comes in a plastic case which can be used to store it if one does not have the palette.In either case, it becomes very easy to travel with.
    The palette is magnetised as is the pan so no danger of pans falling out.
    This is a great shade for all skins.The fair ones can use it as a pink while the dusky beauties can use it as a peach because of the undertones it will pick up from their skin.
    I just wish Inglot named their products rather than just number.... sounds like convict numbers in prison =))
    I always lose track of their brush numbers specially!
    I would suggest that those who are looking to buy these lipsticks first go to the stores and get them swatched before buying as the shades online are very misleading.
    I give this shade:4/5

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