Monday, 16 April 2012

Monday Haul from DLF Promenade!

I love window shopping! And if it turns into actual shopping, well no one can blame ya!  I had taken a half day because mom needed me to take her shopping before she flies to the US next month and who am I to say no for shopping? While mom picked up a bunch of her clothes n shoes, I decided to spend time in my favourite places....check out what I hauled home this time:

3 Inglot Freedom System lipsticks in shades #03, #39 and # 62
and a 5 pot palette(2 of my shades were out of stock - will need to buy online)
Nailpaints-(L-R) NewU Metallic Pink (Mom's) ,Flormar 003, Flormar 423, Flormar 424, Maybelline Colorama 40 Graus
Two pair of earrings - they are woven like cloth in shiny black and silver, perfect for clubbing!
The purple glittery nail file was the gift of the month at NewU.a bit meh but this is pink and glittery so I picked it up.

So how do you like the stuff? Will be posting the reviews of the lipsticks real soon.Stay tuned! :)


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