Sunday, 15 April 2012

My 1st Nail Art DIY (Under Pressure) :D

Okay Ladies Lets talk about nails today!
I wanted to post this just before I dash off to work and you'll see why later.....
I am one of those people who likes her nails buffed and polished but NOT painted. Seriously my nail color collection consists of 5 polishes in total and none of them is anything beyond the palest pink.In fact that comes across so pale in 2 coats, I can actually call it MNBB!! Here is my collection in all its glory, and the red nail paint(2nd from left) is Wet N Wild Espionage and belongs to my yeah she has more risque colors than I do 8-|

Being a working girl means no serious nail lacquer during the work week and even then you have to keep looking after them because you know that chips and cracks just don't look good (I've talked about Corporate dressing here).So I prefer to stick to my simple clear base or French Manicure. This weekend however my 15 year old cousin came by to visit me and being fond of nail art (albeit amateur) she wanted to do my "janitor nails". Yep thats what she called em! :-O 

Here are some pics:

  • My natural nails:no clear polish, no nothing :P

  •  2. 2 coats of Colorbar #39 Exclusive 

  • Just a bunch of random blobs in 3 shades: Wet N Wild Megalast 206B Undercover, Lotus Color Dew #81 Pure White, Streetwear #17 Silver Lining and Colorbar Nail Lacquer #39 Exclusive

  • This is what was used:

So what dya think?? I had to wipe it off this morning but I actually like it!Its cheerful and such a change :P
I have been ordered (most respectfully of-course :P) to get some girly (which means neon, matte and BRIGHT) shades in before her next visit...........So yeah i'm gonna ordering from my favourite online shop today coz thats exactly what my company is paying me for =))
Any suggestions?? They would be most welcome!

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