Thursday, 5 April 2012

Mini Haul - Brushes and Lipsticks

Delhi days are getting hotter every day and if you wanted a break from the sizzle and ducked into the nearest mall, well no one could blame you right? And if that mall "happened" to have great stores like MAC, Inglot and Colorbar and you just "happened" to walk by then no one could blame you for checking stuff out right?

Yeah I'm sure im not convincing any of guys either. So I'll just say it...yeah I went shopping again, I had been craving some brushes for a while and this was a day off and I so wanted to get out of the house. So Select Citywalk made the perfect destination and what was more, I went alone because you know you can't go shopping for girl stuff with guys in tow!
Check out what I brought home:

3 brushes:
  1. Colorbar Foundation Brush 111 - INR 600
  2. The Body Shop Lip Brush - INR 360
  3. The Body Shop Eyeshadow Blending Brush - INR 515
2 Lipsticks:
  1. Inglot AMC Crayon #22 - INR 680
  2. Inglot AMC Crayon #23 - INR 680
So here is my entire shopping:

Yeah lots of black :P
But the most important stuff I really wanted I did not get: 
  1. The Bourjois healthy mix foundation - because I could not find a Bourjois outlet in any of the 3 malls (I'd really appreciate it if any of you guys knew where I would find one)
  2. MAC eyeshadows (I wanted to start a new palette and when I went to the MUA we could only figure out woodwinked that suited me.And she asked me to wait a month as they were coming up with new paintpots.SIGH palette yet.) I have got to get me some nice eyeshadows.Any suggestions for NC 42?
  3. Faces Eyeshadow brush #106 - no faces outlet either.

So thats my shopping for yesterday.hope I get this stuff soon.
Suggestions for the the 3 items above are most welcome :)

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