Wednesday, 25 April 2012

My Take - MAC Lipglass Lovechild

I am a total lip junkie! If you asked me to survive on nothing but one kind of product, I'd ask for lipsticks! I can multitask with these small bundles of color, I have been known to use them as blush, eyeshadows and even bronzers to highlight! B-)  Yep just pop the right one in your bag and ur all set for the night! :-bd
Lip products are versatile and the range of colors is nothing short of amazing. No wonder whatever I am looking to buy, I always head to the lipstick counter no matter what store it is.MAC is one of my favourites because of their range not only in lipsticks and lip liners but also lip glosses.The lipglass Im reviewing today is one of my go-to ones.Presenting......................Lovechild (Is that name cute or what?!)

This lipgloss is one of the 37 glosses in this collection and a part of the regular range. It is designed to be worn on it own,as well as over lip pencil or lipstick hence it has decent pigmentation and even covers uneven lip color to some extent.MAC describes it as a coppered plum shade.
I use it on its own for a casual look or over my MAC Plumful lipstick for a complete lip.

  • Can be worn on its own or with lipstick
  • Decently pigmented
  • Smells of vanilla
  • Contains copper dust for shimmer but its not gritty
  • Contains jojoba oil to condition lips
  • Fills in your lines so lips appear smoother
  • Great doe-foot applicator
  • Travel friendly plastic tube
  • See through tube allows easy color identification
  • Easy touch-ups
  • Good for all skintones, dusky beauties can pick it up without thinking


  • Super glossy-makes thin lips appear fuller
  • Expensive-as any MAC product
  • Sticky and thick formula
  • Even application can be difficult due to viscosity
Would I suggest it?
Yes - If you want a great lipgloss that you can apply without having to think too much,don't mind the stickiness of it and can afford to shell out a grand, go right ahead!
No- There are a lot of great lipglosses out there that cost far far less and give excellent results! 
Im on the fence with a tube of lipgloss that costs almost as much as one massage session at a great spa 
I would love to buy a few of these because with MAC you know you are getting great quality (mostly!) but call it the middle-class upbringing, or whatever you will, I cannot but feel guilty everytime I use this!

I give it : 3/5 (for price and availability)

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