Monday, 2 April 2012

Lenskart Really Opened My Eyes!

Unlike any sane person I know, I somehow manage to mess up my contact lens on a regular basis. They fall out and get lost, get stuck between the twists of the lens case and get cut, get washed out, wiped away by my hand, get lost somehow while I napped with them on….…Yeah so basically all my contact lens really hate me :((

Anyway, I had to wear my glasses to work last couple of days because the lens got ruined (Again!! As my mother put it :P) and I really hate doing that because oh well lemme confess it……there are some really good looking guys on my floor (Now HUSH!!) O:-)

Anyway story aside, I decided to order myself some contacts from Lenskart since I could not see how to visit an optician during this weekend (guests ahoy!) and since I found that only my right lens was damaged, I only ordered that one in monthly disposable format as opposed to my usual ones that last a year. 
There was a significant discount and my brother had a further 10% due to his previous purchase from the site, so my pack of 3 contacts (it comes in a pack of 3 for one eye) had an MRP of INR 250 but was INR 190 on the website and with the discount became INR 160.Yep you read it! 3 Bauch and Lomb contacts monthly disposable lens for the great price of INR 160. And what was even more significant, I placed my order on Saturday morning and received it on Monday morning! Now that’s what I call fast!And the website is super friendly too!

  1. Super Fast
  2. Live chat with customer representatives
  3. Prices to suit every pocket
  4. Wide variety of options in lens, prescription glasses and sunglasses
  5. User friendly website
  6. Fast and secure checkout (Instant confirmation)
  7. Free shipping (Are you listening makeup sites??)
  8. COD available
  9. No 3rd party suppliers
  10. 100% quality check before shipping
  11. All the information is neatly given on the box itself as well the case
  12. No glass bottles for these lens (thank God! Ive broken my share of them!) 
Cons: The packaging could be a little more fitted.I felt that it was possible to rattle the items while in the box.Judge for yourself:
The delivery leaderboard (the duration b/w order placement and delivery) : Lenskart is leading by 3 days.Urban Touch in 2nd place, Violetbag in 3rd and MedPlusBeauty coming in 4th.

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