Friday, 13 April 2012

MLBB - Revlon CBL #65 Rosy Nude

Hey Everyone!
Whats the sign of a truly great lipstick? Ripping the package open in the car, putting it on in the unforgiving natural light of day (sans makeup and sporting my glasses & a ponytail, no less) looking in the rearview mirror and immediately thinking to myself, "YES!" :D I  picked up a Revlon shade that appealed to me hence the drama in the car :P It’s the shade Rosy Nude or #065 in Revlon Colorburst Lipstick.

It is nicely pigmented, creamy and long lasting. Being a true rosy color, it has warm brown undertones and would suit all warm skintones and dark cooltones as well. It does have a slight shimmer to it (like most colorburst lipsticks) but nothing too obvious, just enough to make it a little glamourous.
This is a lipstick that can be worn everyday and can be glammed up at night with a gloss over it. On my pigmented lips, this is definitely a "my lips, but better" shade. The color is very flattering on my fair-medium, warm skin-tone. It's subtle, but adds just enough color, and works with any make-up look. I love the classy packaging, black with a Chanel-style, quilted pattern. The top clicks when you close it, reassuring me it's closed securely. Staying power is average lasts a couple hours but I do have to reapply after eating/drinking. As you can see, I haven’t applied anything under the lipstick here, not even lip balm.
The bullet is nicely shaped for smooth application and has the Brand name Revlon engraved on its side as seen in exclusive brands like Yves Saint Laurent.
  • Nude rose color suits almost all skintones
  • Color can be worn on all occasions 
  • Very light shimmer
  • Pigmented- covers lightly pigmented lips
  • Creamy so smooth application
  • Bullet is nicely shaped
  • One end of the case is colored the color of the lipstick to allow selection 
  • The packaging is cute and very chic
  • Available everywhere

  • Might be drying of moisturising (depending on your lips)
  • Expensive – INR 580 for 3.7 g (I don’t know why exactly but Revlon prices have shot up!)

My Take: It’s a perfect nude for most Indian skintones and will last a long time so it’s a definite must have in any girl who likes her lipsticks. With summers approaching, it could be the Go-to lipstick for a lot of us who don’t want heavily colored lips.Girls with pigmented lips can definitely give this a try as it does cover pigmentation to a certain extent and you wont have to reach for your lip erase and concealers. For me its the closest to MLBB so far!
Buy again? Once I finish this one!
I give it: 4/5

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